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"BLOOD GLACIER" trailer - Whether or not it’s a "The Thing" prequel/sequel/homage/re-imagining, it looks like a lot of fun.


Chloe St. Upskert, 20 y/o and a two-year veteran of the adult film industry was outed this past week as being officially enrolled as a student at USC Marshall School of Business in California. Chloe, being unsatisfied with only having a high school diploma, secretly enrolled this past winter at the University under the name Jennifer Wilson, to help protect her adult film identity. 

But unfortunately for Chloe, her anonymity didn’t last. While shooting a double anal penetration scene, the boom mic operator, a fellow student in her film studies elective who was fulfilling an internship credit, recognized her and alerted everyone on set by sharing a damning photo of Chloe, pictured below, which shows her sitting across from him in class. (SFW)

Since being outed, Chloe St. Upskert has received many phone calls, letters, and tweets of overwhelming support.

But not everyone has been so kind. A fellow adult starlet tweeted from the Twitter handle @gizzguzzlerprincess:


But through all this Chloe retains her poise, going on to say, “I’ve never been ashamed of my pursuit of knowledge, but I was hoping to let those around me know on my own terms. Seeing as that’s not an option anymore, I thought it was important to come forward and let everyone know that, despite the stigma, I am in no way embarrassed of going to business school, and am actually proud of my choice. There’s just so much that goes into building your personal brand in the porn industry, and having a business background can only help me to make better strategic financial choices. I made this choice because I’m not trying to be taken advantage of. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Despite the media frenzy since the story broke, Chloe remains focused in the classroom, whether it’s a classroom filled with discussions of Global Economy and Emerging Markets, or one in which she is dressed like a schoolgirl who goes down on her teacher for an “A”. She admits, “Although I might be taking on quite a load while in school, I want everyone to know that my Interracial BDSM scenes will always come first.”

That is, in fact, what she said.

                                                              -Jason M, Fofun News, Jan 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed all of this.

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How Atreyu got over his ex.